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Dunkirk Police Department Patch

Dunkirk Police Department

Chief Dane A. Mumbower

130 South Main Street
Dunkirk, Indiana 47336
Telephone: 765-768-6061
Facsimile: 765-768-1618
E-Mail: Dunkirk_PoliceDept_1@Comcast.Net

Dunkirk Police Department Mission Statement

The Mission of every Member of the Dunkirk Police Department is to constantly provide superior levels of professional service to our Citizens and to constantly strive to seek and find, in an unrelenting, dedicated and committed fashion, the best ways and means to affirmatively promote, preserve and enhance the safety, security and overall quality of life within the City of Dunkirk.

From the Chief's Desk

As Chief of the Dunkirk Police Department, I firmly believe to achieve our Community Goals a Solid Foundation should exist between the Dunkirk Police Department and the Citizens of Dunkirk.  I have dedicated myself in laying the Bricks of that Foundation to provide the Citizens of Dunkirk with Superior Levels of professional service while at the same time ensuring that your Police Department is transparent, accountable and efficient as possible. Maintaining an Open Door Policy, I invite any Citizen of the City of Dunkirk to contact me with your questions or concerns.

-Chief Dane A. Mumbower


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Dunkirk Police Department Fee's Schedule

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Kid's Corner

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